base URI: /api/core/downtime/query/

The list of accepted functions and its descriptions
operation API endpoint available JSON presets description of accepted input keysrequired_keys
base URI=/api/core/downtime/query/
help /api/core/downtime/query/help/
list /api/core/downtime/query/list/ calendar |   default |   sites |   _, affected_services, bend_time, bstart_time, classification, columns, create_time, description, draw, eend_time, end_time, estart_time, filter, id, info_url, last_modified, length, norisk, ongoing_time, only_norisk, order, pid, preset, protocols, provider, rc_site, rc_site_id, services, severity, sites, start, start_time, state, state_update, vo id, pid, protocol_state, provider, rc_site, rc_tier_level, service_state, site, state, vo json, json_pretty