base URI: /api/core/rcsite/query/

The list of accepted functions and its descriptions
operation API endpoint available JSON presets description of accepted input keysrequired_keys
base URI=/api/core/rcsite/query/
help /api/core/rcsite/query/help/
list /api/core/rcsite/query/list/ default |   full |   network |   resolveip |   resolveip.monit |   altname, capacity, cert_status, columns, coreenergy, corepower, cores, country, country_code, crr_url, description, draw, federation, gocdb_pk, gocdb_url, id, infourl, institute, is_pledged, latitude, length, longitude, monit_tag, name, netroutes, netsites, oim_groupid, order, preset, rc_tier_level, service_state, services, site_state, sites, slots, srr_url, start, state, status, timezone cert_status, country, country_code, crr_url, federation, id, name, rc_tier_level, service_state, site_state, srr_url, state, status json, json_pretty