base URI: /api/core/

The list of accepted functions and its descriptions
operation API endpoint available JSON presets description of accepted input keysrequired_keys
base URI=/api/accounts/group/query/
help /api/accounts/group/query/help/
list /api/accounts/group/query/list/ default |   full |   merged |   columns, draw, egroups, email, firstname, id, last_modified, lastname, length, name, order, preset, role, source, start, tag_name, tag_relation, username, users name, source, user_id, username json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/accounts/user/query/
help /api/accounts/user/query/help/
list /api/accounts/user/query/list/ default |   group-responsibilities |   groups |   people |   roles |   site-responsibilities |   whoami |   columns, date_joined, dn, draw, email, firstname, group, group_source, groups, id, institute, institute_country, is_active, is_staff, is_superuser, lastname, length, order, preset, profiles, start, username group, group_id, group_source, username json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/ce/query/
help /api/core/ce/query/help/
list /api/core/ce/query/list/ default |   columns, country, country_code, description, draw, endpoint, federation, flavour, id, is_monitored, jobmanager, length, name, order, preset, queue, queues, rcsite, rcsite_state, start, state, status, version country, country_code, federation, flavour, id, name, queue, rcsite, rcsite_state, state, status json
base URI=/api/core/downtime/query/
help /api/core/downtime/query/help/
list /api/core/downtime/query/list/ calendar |   default |   _, affected_services, bend_time, bstart_time, classification, columns, create_time, description, draw, eend_timeongoing_time, end_time, estart_time, filter, id, info_url, length, norisk, only_norisk, order, pid, preset, provider, rc_site, rc_site_id, services, severity, start, start_time, state, state_comment, state_update, vo id, pid, provider, rc_site, rc_tier_level, service_state, state, vo json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/downtime/update/
help /api/core/downtime/update/help/
set_data /api/core/downtime/update/set_data/ affected_services, classification, create_time, description, end_time, id, info_url, is_published, pid, provider, pseverity, severity, silence, site, start_time, state, state_comment services json, json_pretty classification, description, end_time, provider, severity, site, start_time
base URI=/api/core/federation/query/
help /api/core/federation/query/help/
list /api/core/federation/query/list/ current |   default |   accounting_name, columns, country, country_code, draw, end_year, id, length, name, order, pledge_is_valid, pledges, preset, rcsite, rcsites, start, start_year, tier_level, vo, vos accounting_name, country, country_code, id, name, rcsite, tier_level, vo json
base URI=/api/core/pledge/update/
help /api/core/pledge/update/help/
set_data /api/core/pledge/update/set_data/ comment, is_validated, keys, pk, pledge, q1, q2, q3, q4 json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/rcsite/query/
help /api/core/rcsite/query/help/
list /api/core/rcsite/query/list/ default |   admin_email, altname, capacity, cert_status, columns, corepower, cores, country, country_code, crr_url, description, draw, federation, gocdb_pk, gocdb_url, id, infourl, is_pledged, latitude, length, longitude, name, oim_groupid, order, preset, security_email, service_state, services, site_state, sites, slots, srr_url, start, state, status, timezone cert_status, country, country_code, crr_url, federation, id, name, service_state, site_state, srr_url, state, status json
base URI=/api/core/service/query/
help /api/core/service/query/help/
list /api/core/service/query/list/ default |   arch, columns, country, country_code, description, draw, endpoint, federation, flavour, id, impl, info_url, is_monitored, is_virtual, length, name, order, preset, protocol_flavour, protocols, rcsite, rcsite_state, resources, start, state, status, type, usage, version, vo country, country_code, federation, flavour, id, info_url, name, rcsite, rcsite_state, state, status, type, vo json
base URI=/api/core/servicetf/update/
help /api/core/servicetf/update/help/
set_data /api/core/servicetf/update/set_data/ comment, finished_time, id, keys, phase, planned_time, status, track_url json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/site/query/
help /api/core/site/query/help/
list /api/core/site/query/list/ default |   columns, country, country_code, draw, id, length, name, order, preset, site, start, state, status, tier_level, vo_name country, country_code, id, name, site, state, status, tier_level, vo_name json
base URI=/api/core/sitetf/update/
help /api/core/sitetf/update/help/
set_data /api/core/sitetf/update/set_data/ comment, finished_time, id, keys, phase, planned_time, status, track_url json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/taskforce/update/
help /api/core/taskforce/update/help/
set_data /api/core/taskforce/update/set_data/ contacts, description, end_time, keys, name, start_time, status, status_comment json, json_pretty
base URI=/api/core/vopledgereq/update/
help /api/core/vopledgereq/update/help/
set_data /api/core/vopledgereq/update/set_data/ alice, atlas, cms, compass, keys, lhcb, tier_level, type, year json, json_pretty keys